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Bad@ssery: Women Creating a Just Environment

and World October 4, 2021 until November 1, 2021



Gaby Berglund Cárdenas and Art Photographer Bev Hayes

Sharing common experiences of dislocations  artists took power and created Hyphae. Hyphae, from the Greek hyphé meaning “web,” a buried network of filaments that joins a collective entity, connecting trees into complex communities. Hyphae is a metaphor for how trees of different species communicate with and support each other, and how humans of all kinds could learn from nature’s way of communication, especially in times of a widespread threat to our existence.

Gaby Berglund Cárdenas (director/performer/installationist) is a Swedish-Ecuadorian multidisciplinary artist who has a M.F.A. from Kyungsung University in Busan, South Korea. She has exhibited internationally and has also studied Asian philosophies.

Together with photographer Bev Hayes created Hyphae. Bev Hayes (co-director/film/photo). British born Hayes (B.F.A., University of the West of England, Bristol) is an experienced photographer and printmaker. Working from a studio in Central Gothenburg.


Both artists live in Sweden.

B.A.B.E 2021     
Bristols Artist Book Event April 2021
HYPHAE Series 2020 shown as part of  B.A.B.E  2021 
Bristol Artist Book Event at Arnolfini, UK, 'The Lost Weekend’  
Interim online version of B.A.B.E 2022 will take place over the weekend of 17th and 18th April 2021 - 
You can watch over 120 artists book films from Book Artists from around the world.

HYPHAE SERIES  - IN PRINT ( Project currently on hold since April 2022 )
Artist printmaker, Hayes is currently developing  a limited edition set of photographic printed works made with the alternative photographic print technique - PHOTOPOLYMER GRAVURE.
A boxed set of 
prints from the stills photography shot during the Installation -is produced for record and portfolio documentation. For STILL PHOTOGRAPHY  contact Bev Hayes for more Info.


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Published Article

Bluecoat, Liverpool: The Uk's first art centre  

Artist Printmaker Bev Hayes is mentioned in the ebook, page 217.  

Read Article   

This book mentions a history behind The Print Room, located on the top floor of the north east wing of the Bluecoat building, and with its much loved famous 100 year old Press, that's still in working action from when it started the being used in 1960's. Bev Hayes features with a list of tutor-artists who have had the honour to print with the press as well as teach numerous local artists, amateur and professional over the years.  


 Bluecoat, Liverpool: The UK's first arts centre

   "Bryan Biggs, John Belchem

    Oxford University Press, 23 May 2020 - History - 288 pages


' Bluecoat is a unique and much-loved Liverpool institution, its oldest city centre building. This book tells the fascinating story of its transformation from charity school to contemporary arts centre, the UK's first. Its early 18th century origins shed light on the religious and maritime mercantile environment of the growing port, whose merchants supported the school. Echoes from then are revealed in themes explored by artists in the 20th century, including slavery and colonial legacies. The predominant focus is on an inclusive building for the arts, starting with colourful bohemian society, the Sandon, who established an artistic colony in 1907, hosting significant exhibitions by the Post-Impressionists and many leading modern British artists. Bluecoat Society of Arts emerged as the building's custodians, paving the way for the arts centre which, despite financial struggles and wartime bomb damage, survived and continues to play a prominent role in Liverpool's and the UK's culture. Bluecoat is described as where 'village hall meets the avant-garde'. In its rich story, Picasso, Stravinsky, Yoko Ono, Captain Beefheart, Simon Rattle and the inspirational Fanny Calder are just some of the names encountered, as key strands, including music, visual art, performance and the building's tenants, are traced."

Bibliographic information


Title:Bluecoat, Liverpool: The UK's first arts centre

EditorsBryan BiggsJohn Belchem

PublisherOxford University Press, 2020

ISBN1800347472, 9781800347472

Length288 pages


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