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15 Graphic Printmakers from Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad participated in this years  20 : 20 INTERNATIONAL PRINT EXCHANGE 2023, in collaboration with Hot Bed Press, Print Workshop in England.

KKV GBG will host and present an exhibition as part of KULTURNATTA and feature all fifteen graphic printmakers that made an unique print design for the current 20:20 Print Exchange. 


Over that past summer each artist produced 25 editions, printed in a variety of print techniques , all size 20x20cm. This huge print swap is one of the largest print exchange projects of the year, with over 44 printmaking studios across UK, Europe and some International workshops involved. 


This massive sorting process is underway with over with over 400 participants exchanged and the 1st edition featured in a year long touring exhibition and an online catalogue.                              

The extended 20:20 concept aims to twin participating workshops so they can join forces and have future collaborations.

This creative challenge for each and every printmaker to make 25 exact works, that encompasses a wide range of print techniques - exchanges across print communities and collective spaces, including Print Departments and Colleges and Universities though to Independent Print studios, local and international. 

It is an annual project that celebrates contemporary printmaking and expands print dialogue and collaboration going forward. 


Many thanks to Hot Bed Press, a Printmaking Workshop based in Salford, Greater Manchester who initiated and have sustained this project since 2009. And to the many volunteers involved and members actively  keeping PRINT alive and rolling well into the future.  


Read More.. 20:20 Print Exchange 


Gaby Berglund Cárdenas and Art Photographer Bev Hayes

Sharing common experiences of dislocations  two artists took power and created Hyphae. Hyphae, from the Greek hyphé meaning “web,” a buried network of filaments that joins a collective entity, connecting trees into complex communities. Hyphae is a metaphor for how trees of different species communicate with and support each other, and how humans of all kinds could learn from nature’s way of communication, especially in times of a widespread threat to our existence.

Gaby Berglund Cárdenas (director/performer/installationist) is a Swedish-Ecuadorian multidisciplinary artist who has a M.F.A. from Kyungsung University in Busan, South Korea. She has exhibited internationally and has also studied Asian philosophies.

Together with photographer Bev Hayes created Hyphae. Bev Hayes (co-director/film/photo). British born Hayes (B.F.A., University of the West of England, Bristol) is an experienced photographer and printmaker. Working from a studio in Central Gothenburg.


Both artists live in Sweden, came together and produced this series. Watch video 

HYPHAE SERIES  - IN PRINT ( Project currently on hold )
Artist printmaker, Hayes is developing  a limited edition set of photographic printed works made with the alternative photographic print technique - PHOTOPOLYMER GRAVURE.
A boxed set of 
prints from the stills photography shot during the Installation -is produced for record and portfolio documentation.  

Contact Bev Hayes 

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