Digital Captures in Nature 

   "What I set out to capture, with a tool of digital means, is in direct impulse and sensory response to experiences of light and shadow over contrasted forms.

Land Art in Nature as I see it.  Creating imagery in response to this new environment I came to be in, was a very natural process of decoding the strange unfamiliar beauty around me, to find my sense of place in it, a new sense of visual story making ."


Bev Hayes Göteborg 2020

Mid Winter & Botanicals Series  

Land Art / Nuet Series 2017

All Images are copyright  © Bev Hayes 2017-2021


From series of photographic stills titled ´Hyphae´ taken behind the scenes during Installation Performance Project,

Shot on location in Sweden, July 2020 :   PROJECTS



Photographic Portfolios 

Individually designed personal portfolio, for Clients, Artists, Musicians Performing Arts. 

Commission a portfolio of Digital Images, captured as a visual story for promotion or a documented archive for reference > Contact for more information.