Digital Captures in Nature 

"What I set out to capture, with a tool of digital means, is in direct impulse and sensory response to experiences through light and shadow over contrasted forms. Featuring here are series of Land Art and Pattern Form re-visions, contemplated in Nature.  

Creating imagery in response to this new environment, a place I came to be in, was a very natural process of decoding the strange unfamiliar beauty around me, to find my sense of being and language in visual story making going forward ."


Bev Hayes Göteborg 2017 

All Images are copyright  © Bev Hayes 2017-2021


 Ongoing themes since 2017 



-Mid Winter


-Land Art

Some images below feature as limited edition photopolymer prints.

Others are combined into experimental works for multimedia and analog creations.


Up Coming > Amalgam-Experimentals in printed form.   

Time Responses : Poppies

A seasonal developmental series of images from the garden's poppy patch. Throughout the years I have noticed changes to the cyclical growth patterns of the poppies and the unusual budding forms in the anticipation before they give out a glorious display. After each season I collect, store and spread seeds before the first signs of winter - nurturing a habitat for biodiversity. Celebrating these jewell-like botanical wonders in the month of June, a pinnacle time of year, in a project titled TIME RESPONSES. As this title suggests, being fully present and engaged in capturing throughout the natural turning cycle of growth and fading, is coupled with an element of reciprocity. Giving back to nature what we take from it.


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Webland Series

Mid Winter & Botanicals Series  

Land Art / Nuet Series 2017

connecting trees.jpg

A large series of photographic stills titled ´Hyphae´ captured behind the scenes during Installation Performance Project,
with Artist Gaby B Cárdenas. Images Shot on location in Sweden, July 2020 During the Global Covid 19 Pandemic :
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All Images are copyright  © Bev Hayes 2017-2021