Mixed Media Paintings over reworked prints and photography work.
Sustaining Renewable Artworks  - ongoing series from a store of proof prints.
Each reworked print is uniquely realised & re-painted into a variation on a paintery or collaged theme. Adding a new layer of narrative to the images. Developing a portfolio of original hand made works across my chosen media; art photo and 
print, with an effort to minimise waste. .


A repurpose pledge

In the process of making new works for an ongoing series, proof prints sometimes become surplus.

These discarded prints are always a source of re invention. I intentionally re-purposed and re work and newly realised a new narrative, as seen above.


What's more I collect paper offcuts from trimmed prints to make paper pulp in handmade recycled paper. Individual business cards come about from cut down plates and paper offcuts.

New concepts come from mono printing onto proof prints and mixed media works are combined in layers to become new designs on top of old. 


It's simple to recycle packaging card and paper for posting but I don't want to stop there, so going on to avidly save and reuse ink and paints left on my palette for unusual grey base layers helps cut down costs and varies the outcomes.


Having a small sustainable practice adds a unique creative angle but also allows for experimentation. It is within these limitations that I concern my efforts to waste less, becoming more environmentally conscious with each work and series I make.







FRAGMENTED  SERIES 2021   ( current constructed works in progress)  ​

These analogue made works are a series of deconstructed forms taken into digital. Developing this collection on in a 3D aspect for installation display next to my printed works and photography. Its the metamorphosing of an artwork into something new, growing it organically in subject matter that I find so fascinating. As with the constant renewable force of nature in constant change. 



Mindmaps of Amphora   I  Premonitions of Astepayea   I Mythos Meandering