Mixed Media Paintings over reworked prints - 2019/2021

Mixed Media Works

 - Painting over discarded prints : Repurpose Pledge 

I choose to Repurpose my paper resources to helps reduce and keep my waste to the minimum. I collect paper offcuts from trimming my printed works to make paper pulp for making handmade recycled paper or for making individual business cards. Offcuts from Linocut designs are made in to a series of stamps. Sometimes new concepts come from mono printing onto scrap proof prints.  All my mixed media works become new designs on top of old discarded prints. Packaging used to send my works are always with recycled card and paper.  I also avidly save and reuse ink and paints left on my palette for use next time. This not only adds to the unique creative outcomes, being experimental but in keeping with my concerned efforts to waste less and becoming more environmentally sustainable in my practice.  


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Fragments Series 2021 ( works in progress)