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Photographic Release

                              Update  February 10



HYPHAE Series 2020  will be part of Bristol Artist Book Event at Arnolfini, UK, Spring 2021   
  B.A.B.E 2021  ‘lost weekend’ version of BABE over the weekend of 17th and 18th April 2021 as an interim BABE in the run up to our usual larger event which we will now plan to hold at Arnolfini in 2022."  Citation from UWE Bristol Book Arts

Print News :  New Release of Limited Edition Hand Printed Etchings*                                                                                                

'Being Underland'

Photopolymer Plate Gravure  

Plate 14.8cm x 21cm

Paper 25cm x 35cm


 Unframed Archive Print

Signed Limited Edition 1/20 



' Web Land Trapeze'

Photopolymer Plate Gravure  

Plate  21cm x 29.5cm

Paper 32cm x 44cm


Unframed Archive Print

Signed Limited Edition 1/15 




   Project News                                                                                                                                                               NOVEMBER 24 

   ONLINE RELEASE A Collaborative Film `Choreography in Time and Space'  Concept and Edit by Isolde Kille  /  TIMESPECIFIC  

    36 artists from Germany, Latvia, Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and the US contributed their individual videos - 

    Watch Film  &  Read Press Release

Heading 1


Announcement November 15

We are announcing the soon to be released, collaborative video project with Artist Isolde Kille as TIMESPECIFIC,  Titled' Choreography in Time and Space',  This debut video film project for TIMESPECIFIC  is an on-line platform based curatorial exhibition featuring a host of international Multi Disciplinary artists. 

 36 artists from Germany, Latvia, Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and the US contributed their individual video scenes.


"The artist creates a mask in order to face the world safely, yet also hides behind it, tentatively beginning to reach out and touch again through individual video recordings that become scenes  for a collaborative film, titled 'A Choreography In Space And Time.' 


I'm pleased our project entry has been selected to be part of this exciting collaborative project with Multi Disciplinary Artist, Gaby Berglund Cárdenas. Back in July 2020, during the Covid19 Global Pandemic, we produced an installation piece. This was a first time project collaboration with Cárdenas, who directed and performed a sequence of movements amongst a gathering of trees. We co-produced this idea and set about capturing this installation performance in a natural environment, a woodland forest in Sweden. We went on to edit to a short video and stills photography during this two day shoot.


The title of this piece, Hyphae  is about the elemental uncertainty of time, space and being. In this film we imagine a world where all types of humans and nature forge their duality into a oneness, thereby living in harmony or mutualism. The transformation that happens to the space in the forest during the performance and experience of flow is a metaphor for transmutation and purification.  

        Movie and stills title: Hyphae

        Director/performer: Gaby Berglund Cárdenas

        Co-director/cinematographer: Bev Hayes

        Shooting location/date: Sweden, July 2020

        Press Release

      ' Choreography in Time and Space',

        Concept & Edit by Isolde Kille  (Timespecific) 







VIDEO CLIP         HYPHAE  Collaborative Performance Project Between    Hayes/ Cárdenas JULY 2020



 *Official Artist Sketchbook of the Brooklyn Art Library   - This small but regular project I have set aside to complete over the next few months involves a weekly visit to the Göteborg Konstmuseum and other available Art Museums. The aim is to fill up the said sketchbook, little by little.  Aiming for my completion before Feb before I post it back to The Brooklyn Art Library.  Once there it will be catalogued and added to the shelves along side a vast collection of 41,000 sketchbooks from over 130 different countries.  Visitors to The Brooklyn Art Library can browse the collection of sketchbooks, and there's also a chance they go on tour,  allowing artists to be part of a collective resource, to engage, track and promote their work, wherever  they are based. Open to anyone to participate. 

 Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project


 AUG 18 - COMPLETED  2 Feb 2021 

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Pencil sketch made whilst watching and listening to Göteborg Film Festival (2021) Lockdown Short Film Series