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Press Release   - Athens Printmaking Art Center


Self-Portrait International Printmaking Exhibition ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER – PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P. invites you to the international printmaking exhibition “Self-Portrait”, presented at ETCH INK art space from March 3 until April 1, 2023. Upon an open call in the summer of 2022, the ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER – PANDOLFINI & SIATERLI C.N.P.P. invited visual artists, printmakers and artistic groups from all over the world to investigate the artistic and creative potential of self-portraiture and create new, original artworks. Self-Portrait features new productions and past works from the entire spectrum of printmaking, encouraging artists to initiate a fruitful dialogue around this topic and experiment with the various printmaking techniques and visual representations of the face. The participants investigate the theme using a variety of techniques such as linocut, woodcut, etching, aquatint, intaglio, mezzotint, dry point, photo transfer, collagraph, chine collé, monotype, while simultaneously experimenting with the creative combinations between various media such as collage, photography, sketching and digital printing. The outcome of this international call has led to a group exhibition with 55 contemporary printmakers from Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Morocco, Taiwan, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil and US. Self-portraiture has been a recurring theme in the history of art, bringing the artist’s own image and the notion of the self to the forefront of artistic exploration and visual experimentation. Through the creative potential of self-portraiture and the language of printmaking, participating artists explore themes related to personal experience, identity and performed roles. Its visual language becomes a vehicle for an exploration and deeper understanding of the body, memory and psyche. Alongside the introspective nature of the works, the exhibition focuses on self-portraiture as an indicator and bearer of social messages and policies. The artworks bear the marks and contemporary stakes of the times in which they are produced, while the artist becomes the channel through which these are transmitted and diffused. Self-staged images, either approached through humour and playfulness or immediacy and sharpness, reveal aspects of reality that would otherwise have been secret and hidden to the viewer’s eye. What does a self-portrait actually unravel about our individual and collective bodies? Self-Portrait exhibition focuses on the rich language of printmaking and the visual representations of the self, transcending the mere personal narrative, opening up new trajectories towards collective quests and wider sociopolitical manifestations, while rendering the representation of one’s self and body a political rather than just an individual matter.

Participating artists Dimitra Anastasiadou, Elena Angelini, Κristina Buga, Pablo Caviedes, Eleni Chamakou, Hui-Ju Chang, Sofia Charoni, Tania Chou, Florence Christakis, Lenia Chrysikopoulou, Bernhard Cociancig, Andriana Fotoudi, Maria Fragopanagou, Floki Gauvry, Isa Ghanayem, Eleonora Del Giudice, Joëlle Arnut Hanebali, Beverley Hayes, Chiang Yu-Hsuan, Stornig Inge, Sofia Kamara, Magda Karampournioti, Zuzana Királyová, Francois Korver, Vasiliki Koskiniotou, Mina Kouzouni, Hsin-Yu Kuan, Janne Laine, Jean-Jacques Lecoq, Peter de Leur, Yu Shan Lin, Chrysanthi Malama, Olga Monachou, Ioannis Monogyios, Renata Mosaner, George Ntolaptsis, Pino Pandolfini, Agata Perzyńska, Traude Pirker, Jaco du Plessis, Savvas Porakos, Despo Pringi, Panos Pristouris, Elena Provata, Roubina Sarelakou, Vasilis Sentzas, Musawir Shabbir, Stathis Sotirchos, Efi Soutoglou, Bessy Syrou, Elsa Tsitouridou, Hsi-Ying Wang, Yi-hung Xenia Jen, Yung-Chih Yeh, Maryam Zomorodian. Guest artist: Silvano Barducci ETCH INK Art Space Argyroupoleos 16, Lycabettus, Athens Opening 3rd March 2023, 18:30 – 22:30 Dates 3 March – 1 April, 2023 Visiting days & hours Wednesday – Thursday – Friday 17.00- 21.00 & Saturday 11.00 – 15.00 Contact


Exhibition Press release review in

Link to full article

Το Καντρο Χαρακτήκης Αθηνών – Pandolfini & Σιατερλη Α.Μ.Κ.Ε. You are invited to the international art exhibition «Self-Portrait – Аутопросовографиес Каллитехнъм» , which is presented at the ETCH INK art gallery from March 3 to April 1, 2023. In addition to the open call held in the summer of 2022, ΚΧΑ invited visual artists, engravers and groups of artists from all over the world to explore the artistic and creative possibilities of self-portraiture and to create new, original works of art. At this exhibition, new productions but also older works are presented, from the widest spectrum of character, encouraging the artists to a productive conversation around this theme, as well as experimentation with a wide range of character techniques and visual representations of the face. Εγκαίνια: Paraskevi 3 March 2023, 18:30-22:30 ΐιάρκεια εἰρακεια: 3 Μαρτίου – 1 Απριλία 2023 Ωράριο: Wednesday – Thursday – Paraskevi 17.00- 21.00 & Saturday 11.00 – 15.00 Xορος Τέχνης ETCH INK, Αργυρουπόλεως 16, Λυκαβηττός, Αθήνα. Contact: info@athens-printmaking ,

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Photopolymer gravure  'ELEMENTS VI ' has been shortlisted for an exhibition March 2023 at ATHENS PRINTMAKING ART CENTER , Titled 'SELF PORTRAIT ' 


Featured 5 recent photopolymer gravures on stand 230

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 12.14.48.png


Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 12.15.25.png
KONSTRUNDAN I MAJORNA  2-4 December 2022

As a member of KIM I'm opening the studio along with other artists in the area and exhibiting work as at Röda Sten Konsthallen, Klippan, Göteborg.
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25 Editions of ´Elements of the Long Season IV'

Photopolymer Gravure have been made, signed and delivered to HOT BED PRESS for the Upcoming 20:20 Print Exchange - An exhibition at HOTBED PRESS Workshop and a touring show travelling to International and UK print studios. 


Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 12.43.31 1.png
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Out of the blue, last summer, I was contacted by Filmmaker, James Murphy, for the safe return of three pieces of artwork that had been exhibited in Editions Gallery, Liverpool, unbeknown to me.


The exhibition titled 'The Domino Effect'', featured three of my works , together with other reputable artists from the North West that had previously been hidden away in storage for several years, after the late Felicity Wren apartment flat at Upper Newington. Felcity was my art teacher, mentor, and friend - Over the years worked as an educator and gallery owner of The Domino Gallery. After many shows she acquired a lot of paintings and as many 80 pieces of art where given to James' care. suddenly just before she died. In an unexpected act of custodianship, James set about documenting and tracking down the origins of each piece of work with the rightful artist owner. 


He did managed to track down most, and in the process features about this in film made during his filmmaking MA.  

Watch here  >     EVENT HORIZON  

Thanks to James Murphy for seeing this unexpected endeavour into fruition by exhibiting and getting in touch for a chat about my connection with Felicity. Soon I shall be reunited with three pieces I thought were long gone ! To put it in Felicity words, she would have been so delighted.

Print News :  New Release of Limited Edition Hand Printed Etchings*                                                                                                

'Being Underland'

Photopolymer Plate Gravure  

Plate 14.8cm x 21cm

Paper 25cm x 35cm


 Unframed Archive Print

Signed Limited Edition 1/20 




' Web Land Trapeze'
Photopolymer Plate Gravure  
Plate  21cm x 29.5cm
Paper 32cm x 44cm
Unframed Archive Print
Signed Limited Edition 1/15 



OUT NOW !     
Two videos are part of Bristol Artist Book Event at Arnolfini, UK, Spring 2021   
B.A.B.E 2021  ‘The Lost Weekend’ The Interim version of BABE 2022. "Featuring over 120 videos of artists books and small presses, over the weekend of 17th and 18th April 2021 in the run up to our usual larger event which we will now plan to hold at Arnolfini in 2022."    Citation from UWE Bristol Book Arts







Hyphae 2020 was shown at SCHOK Arts Festival 23-26 Sept 2021 : 

Thanks to curator Jeroen van Paassen for presenting our Hyphae Film at Galleri Klein Switserland, Schoorlse Kunsten, Netherlands. Thanks to Gaby Berglund Cárdenas for connecting this collaboration - Hyphae is extending further again !

Welcome to read more details about HYPHAE and credits on our respective websites :



TIMESPECIFICS Collaborative Film  

Featuring 36 artists from Germany, Latvia, Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and the US contributed their individual  videos -

  Watch Film  &  Read Press Release     


 HYPHAE VIDEO -  Choreography in Time and Space 

Online Film Featured at  IT'S LIQUID   Read recent Interview with Isolde Kille  - Part of CANVAS ART FAIR 2020, LONDON.



November 15 2020

RELEASED collaborative video project with Artist Isolde Kille as TIMESPECIFICS,  Titled' Choreography in Time and Space',  

This debut video film project for TIMESPECIFICS  is an on-line platform based curatorial exhibition featuring a host of international Multi Disciplinary artists.  

36 artists from Germany, Latvia, Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, and the US contributed their individual video scenes.


"The artist creates a mask in order to face the world safely, yet also hides behind it, tentatively beginning to reach out and touch again through individual video recordings that become scenes  for a collaborative film, titled 'A Choreography In Space And Time.' 


Our project entry has been selected to be part of this exciting collaborative project with Multi Disciplinary Artist, Gaby Berglund Cárdenas. Back in July 2020, during the Covid19 Global Pandemic, we produced an installation piece. This was a first time project collaboration with Cárdenas, who directed and performed a sequence of movements amongst a gathering of trees. We co-produced this idea and set about capturing this installation performance in a natural environment, a woodland forest in Sweden.

After filming and capturing I went on to edit to a short video and stills photography during this two day shoot.



" Hyphae  is about the elemental uncertainty of time, space and being. In this film we imagine a world where all types of humans and nature forge their duality into a oneness, thereby living in harmony or mutualism. The transformation that happens to the space in the forest during the performance and experience of flow is a metaphor for transmutation and purification." 

        Movie and Stills Title: Hyphae

        Director/performer: Gaby Berglund Cárdenas

        Co-director/cinematographer: Bev Hayes

        Shooting location/date: Sweden, July 2020

        TIMESPECIFICS Press Release

      ' Choreography in Time and Space',

        Concept & Edit by Isolde Kille  (Timespecifics) 





 *Official Artist Sketchbook of the Brooklyn Art Library  

 Regular sketching project I have set aside to complete over the next few months involves a weekly visit to the Göteborg Konstmuseum and other Art Museums. The aim is to fill up sketchbook pages, little by little.  Aiming for my completion before Feb before I post it back to The Brooklyn Art Library.  Once there it will be catalogued and added to the shelves along side a vast collection of 41,000 sketchbooks from over 130 different countries.  Visitors to The Brooklyn Art Library can browse the collection of sketchbooks, and there's also a chance they go on tour,  allowing artists to be part of a collective resource, to engage, track and promote their work, wherever they are based. Open to anyone to participate. 

 Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project


 AUG 18 - COMPLETED  2 Feb 2021 

Season of Walks  (* Mid Winter Series )    Boxed Collection of  10 Prints   10%  PreOrder Discount

La Gomera  ( * Finca El Cabrito Series )   Boxed Collection of 15 Prints   10% PreOrder Discount 
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