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 - Web Land & Underland Series 2018 / 2020

 - Mid Winter Series 2018 / 2021   


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About the alternative photo process - A non toxic method  

Photo Polymer Gravure (Etchings) are individually hand pulled Fine Art Prints, produced on high quality, heavy weight printmaking paper. They begin life as a digital capture, derived from a series or theme in nature that I periodically undertake throughout the seasonal year. After careful digital processing to convert the image to suit the process, the image is transferred onto a transparent film before being time exposed as a positive through an ultraviolet light unit on to a prepared  light sensitive metal plate. Afterwhich it is etched in a water solution, to develop and secure the image onto a metal plate and is ready to print.
The final plates are printed by hand, In the traditional Intaglio way. Each unique plate is individually hand inked and wiped to sensitively pick up fine photographic details from the delicate etched surface. They are run through a traditional flat bed etching press (heavy steel roller) sandwiched between dampened etching paper and fine woollen blankets (felts). Each time this method magically produces a unique set of photographic printed works, sometimes with quite unexpected results. With each collection and series I make, my eye and hand intricately work at each stage of the process, to translate its own visual language with a certain subtle charm, characteristic and depth of tone.
Each edition from the same plate can be unique in its own way. This adds to the originality and it is not my intention for it to be an exact reproduction.  The images are mainly produced in rich striking monochrome and sometimes as soft duotones, depending greatly upon what I choose to enhance and resonate through each photographic impression.
The most recent Limited Edition Print Releases will feature on this page, but more information about my previous photographic works, kept in the archives are available upon request.  Please email to peruse this list. From time to time, I'm open to commissions and opportunities for photographers and artists to produce their works through this process, as a tailored print production project.  Contact to discuss your project.