Batchelor of Fine Arts (Hons) U.W.E (Bristol)

Studio Practice in Printmaking (SWEDEN)

Trained Photographer in Film & Digital Studios (UK)

Biography :  

British born Visual Artist based in Sweden, working in the media of Visual Arts, Digital Photography and Analogue Printmaking from a self developed print studio. A Batchelor of Fine Arts from the UK, ( BFA Hons) leading to a creative career span over 25 years in the fields of Art & Photography. Since 2020, she became an active member of Grafiken Verkstad at Konstnärernas Kollektiv Verkstader, Göteborg and Ålgården Grafik Verkstad, Borås, two well established Print Studios on the West Coast of Sweden. Producing works in the alternative photo technique of Photopolymer Gravure and forming collaborations with Gothenburg based and International Artists.

Behind a Studio Practice :


Having dedicated the past few years to a full time studio practice in Printmaking and Photography, and recently in the form of moving images through artist collaborations - Hayes intrinsically weaves visceral art forms together in an amalgamated process of experience and discovery. Combined outcomes of digital- analogue re-interpretations are produced handprinted form to add to her wide range Portfolio.  


What is an important context in a piece work, is a curiosity for the creative process and allowing for unexpected outcomes to happen, sometimes in a driven pursuit of itself, being in the creative moment, to move the work forward. Some photo work re-constructions transpire from discarded prints that over time allow for new layers of creative possibilities and resourceful efforts towards minimising waste in the process. The mediums she uses cross over and non binary to the context of the work. The aim is to create a body of work that has no classification, or genre pinned to it.  


Along side art making, there's a gathering process of reading material that forms the backbone of her research and field notes for her creations to be interpreted.They fall into the broad theme of our relationship with the natural world. Questions emerge on how we respond and manage our wellness within our changing environment and at the same time preserve what is around us. With these collected insights during walks and immersions in nature, Hayes offers us in momentary glimpses, extracts into the hidden underworlds, and re-imagined forms in a kind of otherworldly dimensions. Presenting scenes of the sensory kind, from treading through forests, climbing coastal rocky crags to retracing trampled routes in localities, Hayes highlights landmarks of our existence in nature that otherwise go unnoticed, and worse - ignored. All these temporal and ephemeral themes reflect upon Holocene & Anthroprocene epochs, through our age of technology and experience seeking needs. With this, Hayes wonders if we humans can do more to connect and learn from our natural surroundings. Moreover, find harmony with other living entities, to restore and slow down our over consumption and rate of depletion, to be the change for a better reality and create more humanly conscious Symbiocence futures. Her project HYPHAE is a representation of this. 


Statement Published Bev Hayes 2021



Art Background :


Grounding knowledge in all forms of Traditional Printmaking, was forged during 4 years of studies at art collage and university level, the Print Department at The University Of the West of England, Bristol, and along side the reputable, Centre for Fine Print Research. Her graduate degree show,  (BA Hons in FINE ART (Printmaking)  saw large scale,  hand printed wall hangings with narrative emblems of etched text, poetry & fragmented imagery bound with Intaglio/photo etchings techniques. Then after a period of working life in roles within the Creative Arts Galleries and Institutions, Education Sectors and in Product Service Industry for a range of Photographic Studios, she embarked on an unique portrait business for several years as photographic director for Bev Hayes Photography  in 2005.

Originally from North West England, now living in Gothenburg, Sweden, being surrounded by stunning natural scenery that has inspired an opportunity to pick up her artistic journey once again, with a collective tool bag of experiences and visual insights gained along the way. Creating imagery in response to this new environment Hayes and her family came to be in, was a very natural process of decoding the strange unfamiliar beauty around her, to find a sense of place in it, a new sense of belonging, with awareness of preserving what is around us, at the core. These regular essential wanderings through nature has lead to not only visual discoveries on a cyclical seasonal basis but a repetitive action of wellbeing that have propelled her creative art making forward. 

Time in hand has lead her to rediscover and reignite the love for the printing process, which she has spent a long while away from. Her practice now comes full circle, relating back to the titles of works made previously during her degree studies,

`Translations I, II, II' ,  'A Poetry of Place'  and 'Leaving a place you are connected to ´.  


"Rekindling my print practice in the light of a new set of circumstances, seasonal impressions and the search for creative identity and synergy in the land I came to inherit. I record my tale of two cities, in ways that are both disparate yet embracing in its duality."  


Emblems of this can be seen in her focus on Land Art series of works :  WEBLAND, UNDERLAND, HYPHAE  

Interpreted Process: 


´What I set out to capture, with a tool of digital means, is in direct impulse and sensory response to experiences of light and shadow over contrasted forms. Catching these sensory instances in a micro and macro manner and sometimes more expansive scenes deal with the relationship between spacial depth and solitude of a figurative form, not always human, within that experience. Printmaking is the means in which I can process and channel this amalgamation into being.  A slowed down process from digital to analogue, with reconstructions along the way.  Captured narrative along side strong graphic elements with the alternative photographic print technique, Photogravure, represents her perceptions and connections with the natural world, our place in it and our sense of belonging to sustain it.    Bev Hayes 2020


Photopolymer Gravure is a technique tested out whilst on the art degree course, and further developed through teaching workshops. In October 2019,  she refreshed her skills at a Printmaking Workshop in Copenhagen, Grafisk Eksperimentarium, learning from the very knowledgeable printmaker practitioner Henrik Bøegh. Now at the very cusp of discovery again her curiosity leads on to explore the possibilities how this process can be more experimental, in a safe way with minimum impact environmentally.  


Fine Art Prints  for more info. 


Studio Development:  

During 2019, Hayes initiated a project to develop basement space for a personal Print Studio, to test and research less toxic, safer working methods for herself and in collaboration with fellow printmakers as a member of Konstnärernas Kollektiv Verkstad  in Gothenburg and more recently as a member of Ålgården Konstnärernas Verkstäder & Galleri, Borås.


Joining these workspaces has enabled her to get to know the art scene in Gothenburg and Sweden. Developments within these creative spaces is an opportunity to explore and exchange with others, alternative forms of printed photographic imagery. Forming connections with other artists and gaining collaborations is intrinsic to Hayes naturally adaptable and open persona.

The printmaking and photographic studio Hayes has build up will also become a creative spring board for portfolio development, leading to exhibitions, commissions, and future art tuition and workshops.  









I welcome artists and photographers to re imagine their images into a series of Fine Art Print  works via the method of Photopolymer Gravure. If you would like a tailor made set of images produced. Feel free to contact me about EDITIONING ARTWORKS, or commissioning a personal project into print, I can visit your studio and have a chat with examples. 

Look forward to hearing from you, 



Published May 2020

(updated Jan 2021) 

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